Why Choose Us

At Orto MG, the patients come first We provide state-of-the-art techniques of orthodontic treatment, and you can take all the necessary steps to your new smile in one place, saving time. Your treatment will be under the constant expert supervision of our orthodontist, Gregor Može, and his highly-qualified team that will make sure your journey to a new and healthier smile will be as quick and comfortable as possible.

No waiting

We value our patients’ time, which is why we will never make you wait. At the beginning of the orthodontic treatment you will agree on the treatment course with our orthodontist, after which your visits will be planned according to your time availability.

Personal approach

From the very first to the very last visit, your orthodontic treatment will take place under the constant supervision of the orthodontist, Gregor Može, and his team of specialists who will closely monitor your progress. The latter will also determine your future visits, which will be adjusted to your availability and the treatment requirements. You and our orthodontist will jointly set the timeline and financial framework of the orthodontic treatment at its beginning, when you will select the type of braces and choose one of the instalment plans available to our patients.

Highly qualified staff

Orto MG orthodontic clinic is led by the top-level orthodontist Gregor Može, who closely monitors all patients from the start to the end of their treatment. Our modern orthodontic approach and braces that are currently available in Slovenian orthodontic clinics in only limited amounts place Orto MG among comparable international orthodontic practices.

Wide range of state-of-the-art braces

Our patients can choose from the most advanced forms of orthodontic treatment; from the traditional, more visible braces all the way to hidden orthodontic braces like invisalign and lingual brackets.

We provide instalment plans

A nice and healthy smile is one of the first things we notice in a person. The decision to undergo orthodontic treatment starts with a personal conversation with our orthodontist, who will help you create the best schedule and financial outline for your treatment. Our patients can also choose from different instalments plans, or they can pay with credit cards or cash.

Ready for a beautiful new smile?

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