A journey worth taking

Welcome to the journey to your new smile. From the very first visit onwards, you will be cared for by a top-class team of specialists that will monitor the course and progress of your orthodontic treatment. So you can easier imagine how treatment is carried out in our practice, we invite you to take a journey down the path of a patient.

The first visit

On the first (free) visit, the orthodontist will check the condition of your teeth, you will explain your ailments or what has been bothering you and talk about your expectations. Our orthodontist will then explain the options for orthodontic treatment that would be the most suitable to you in terms of time and finances.

Placement of the chosen braces

If necessary, we will arrange for an x-ray of your teeth. Before putting on the braces, we will photograph the initial shape of your teeth and smile and prepare 3D models of your oral cavity with our intraoral scanner. Intraoral scanning has replaced the old technique of creating a mold of the teeth and is more pleasant for the patient. After the orthodontic plan has been decided on, the orthodontist will place the selected braces on your teeth.

Regular check-ups and monitoring the progress of the treatment

Regular check-ups will take place as is appropriate for the course of your treatment and according to your time availability. You can expect to come and see us once every 4 to 6 weeks. If needed, we will take additional photographs or perform RTG imaging to check the progress of your orthodontic treatment. Should you encounter any difficulties during the course of your treatment, we will also be available outside of working hours. You will receive all the contact information to reach us at the start of your treatment.

Removal of braces

Your orthodontic treatment is expected to last around 18 months. After the desired result has been achieved, the braces will be removed. The orthodontist will then do a new intraoral scan of your oral cavity. Together, you will compare the photographs of your teeth and smile before and after the completed treatment.


After the completed treatment, you will receive a retainer to wear during the night that will help you maintain the new placement of your teeth.

Long-term monitoring

Your smile remains important to us even after the braces have been removed, which is why we advise that you return for at least two additional check-ups, 9 months and 2 years after the treatment is complete. This will help us monitor your condition more closely and allow for long-term retention of the new position of your teeth.

Ready for a beautiful new smile?

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