Treatment financing plans

From the moment you step into our clinic, your orthodontic treatment will be performed transparently. On your very first visit you will receive a pro forma invoice prepared based on the selected future treatment. We will also explain the instalment plan option that all of our patients can use.

Instalment payment plan

You pay for half of the cost of treatment when your selected braces are put on (depending on your agreement with the clinic and your payment capabilities the first instalment can be divided into multiple instalments)

The other half of the cost of treatment will be divided into 10 or 13 instalments if your chosen braces are lingual braces or Invisalign.

At the end of the treatment, you also pay for the cost of the retainer and the final check-up.

Instalment payment with different payment

We also provide the option for our patients to pay with most of the major credit cards offering deferred payment (Mastercard, Visa, Karanta, Diners Club). You can divide the instalments into payments over a longer period of time.

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